The Council is the first organized group of healthcare professionals formed to advance education for physicians and the general public regarding the diagnosis and management of nail disorders.

Its mission Is to support quality patient care, education, and research encompassing the wide range of nail disorders. CND has been chartered to assist healthcare professionals in proper diagnosis and treatment in an effort to reduce the incidence and persistence of these medical conditions.

Eligible members include:

  • Licensed dermatologists in the US
  • Licensed podiatrists in the US
  • Licensed physicians in the US
  • Licensed dermatologists, podiatrists or physicians outside the US
  • Medical Researchers
  • Corporate representatives
  • Non-health-related professional (e.g. cosmeticians, etc.)
  • Residents
  • Graduate Students


Membership Categories

  • Dermatology Fellow - $100/year - Any licensed dermatologist who is either board certified by or board eligible for the American Board of Dermatology or the American Osteopathic Board of dermatology shall be eligible for fellow.
  • Podiatry Fellow - $100/year - Any licensed U.S. or Canadian Podiatrist who is board certified by or board eligible for the American or Canadian Board of Podiatry shall be eligible for Podiatric Fellowship. Dues waived for 1st year courtesy of The Rhett Foundation; eligible for the first 100 new podiatry fellow members. Applicant MUST meet ALL of these requirements: Must be a new member to the CND; Must be a DPM (Podiatrist); Must be in practice 5 years or less.
  • Associate - $100/year - Any licensed dermatologist or other licensed physician or podiatrist trained and practicing in the United States shall be eligible for Associate membership.
  • Affiliate - $100/year - Any medical investigator, interested corporate representative, or non-health-related professional (e.g. cosmetitian, etc.) shall be eligible for Affiliate membership.  Affiliate membership may be granted by a three fourths (3/4) majority vote of the Board of Trustees.
  • Graduate Resident - WAIVED - Any graduate resident is eligible for Graduate membership
  • Sponsor - $100/year - Membership shall be granted to an organization or corporation that provided unrestricted education grants.



Membership benefits include a discount on the CND Annual Meeting and a subscription to the CND Newsletter.


Join Online or download application.

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