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The Council for Nail Disorders (CND) is the first organized group of healthcare professionals formed to advance education for physicians and the general public regarding the diagnosis and management of nail disorders.  CND has been chartered to assist healthcare professionals in proper diagnosis and treatment in an effort to reduce the incidence and persistence of nail disorders.  The following CND patient education pamphlets are available for purchase to both members and nonmembers of the Council:


        Paronychia: A Common Fingernail Condition

        Nail Psoriasis:  Recognition and Control

        Onychomycosis:  Nail Fungal Infection

        Safe Use of Nail Cosmetics:  Protect the Health of Your Nails

        Tips on Ingrown Toenails:  How to Prevent this Common Problem

        Common Warts Affecting the Nails:  Current Treatment Options

        Onycholysis:  A Common Nail Disorder


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Description of Pamphlets


Paronychia:  A Common Fingernail Condition: Symptoms and Treatment


-Paronychia:  What Does It Mean?

The word paronychia come from the Greek words “para,” meaning alongside of, and “onyx,” meaning nail.  When paronychia first appears you will notice swelling and redness of the skin alongside the fingernails; this occurs less frequently in toenails.

-Types of Paronchyia

-What Can Be Done to Relieve Paronychia?

-How Can I Prevent Paronychia?

-When Should I Notify My Doctor?

-Words to Remember?


Nail Psoriasis: Recognition and Control: What You Need to Know


-Nail Psoriasis: How Common Is It?

-How Is Nail Psoriasis Treated?

-Know How to Control Nail Psoriasis

-What Does Nail Psoriasis Look Like?

-Words to Remember


Onycholysis:  A Common Nail Disorder:Tips on Treatment And Prevention


-What is Onycholysis?

In onycholysis, the nail plate separates from the nail usually beginning at the tip of the nail.  Onycholysis is a common disorder of the nails that occurs more often in fingernails than toenails.  This condition develops when the supporting structure of the nail plate (nail) called the nail bed or lateral nail folds become affected by disease or damaged by some form of injury.  As a result, the nail plate separates from the nail bed.

-How Can I Tell If I Have Onycholysis?


-What Causes Onycholysis?

-Treatment for Onycholysis

-Medical Treatment

-Keep In Mind

-Words To Remember


Common Warts Affecting the Nails:  Current Treatment Options


-Warts: What Are They?

-What Do Warts Look Like?

-What Causes Warts?

-Treatments Your Doctor May Recommend?

-Chemical Substances

-Surgical Techniques


-Words to Remember


Onychomycosis: Nail Fungal Infection: More Than A Cosmetic Problem


-What is Onychomycosis?

-What Causes It?

-Recommended Treatment

-How Can I Reduce the Risk of Nail Fungal Infections?

-Onychomycosis: More than a Cosmetic Problem

-What Onychomycosis Looks Like

-Words to Remember


Safe Use of Nail Cosmetics: Protect The Health of Your Nails


-Nails:  Why Are They Important?

-The Basic Structure of Your Nails

-How Are Nails Formed?

-How Fast Do Nails Grow?

-Salon Safety

-Nail Cosmetics

-Nail Extension and Repair Techniques

-Nail Tips for Common Problems


Tips On Ingrown Toenails:  How To Prevent This Common Problem


-What Is An Ingrown Nail?

-What Causes An Ingrown Nail?

-Steps You Can Take To Help Prevent This Problem

-Treatments Your Doctor May Recommend

-Words to Remember


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