22nd Annual Meeting of the Council for Nail Disorders

 Date:    February 15, 2018
Place:    San Diego, CA
            Manchester Grand Hyatt

Nail Basics Session

Co-Chairs     Antonella Tosti, MD (US)
                  Martin Zaiac, MD (US)

Annual Scientific Session

Co-Chairs     Nathaniel Jellinek, MD (US)
                  Bianca Piraccini, MD (Italy)

Registration Open!

Schedule of Events

Date:     February 15, 2018

Venue:  Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego, CA

Nail Basics Session: Diagnosis of Nail Disorders
(Pre-meeting session - additional registration fee)

8:30 AM


Antonella Tosti
Martin Zaiac

8:40 AM

What you need to know to get started

Antonella Tosti




8:55 AM


Michela Starace

9:05 AM

Mycology: How to obtain the perfect sample

Bianca Maria Piraccini

9:15 AM

PCR: Is this easily available?

Marty Zaiac

9:25 AM

Top Ten Indications of Ultrasound Imaging of the Nail

Ximena Wortsman

9:35 AM

Is this a corn or a wart?

Tracey Vlahovic

9:45 AM

Is this blood or melanin?

Phoebe Rich

9:55 AM

Is this fungus or psoriasis?

Dimitris Rigopoulos

10:05 AM

Why these nails are white?

Patricia Chang

10:15 AM

Break and Exhibits


10:30 AM

Intraoperatory dermoscopy

Debora Cadore Farias

10:40 AM

Is this fungus or trauma?

Nardo Zaias

10:50 AM

Why is this self induced?

Evan Rieder

11:00 AM

What can you learn from a nail clipping?

Adam Rubin

11:10 AM

How to submit a good sample for pathology

Curtis Thompson

11:20 AM

Tips for healthy nails

Boni Elewski

11:30 AM

What I learned from the great surgeons

Jorge Ocampo

11:40 AM

Nail avulsion pro's & con's

C Ralph Daniel

11:50 AM

Conclusion & Remarks

Antonella Tosti
Marty Zaiac


12:00 PM

Lunch and Exhibits


Council for Nail Disorders 22nd Annual Scientific Meeting

Membership Meeting & General Session


12:00 Noon


Registration continues
Exhibits Open


1:00 PM



Welcome and President's Report

Treasurer's Report

Grant Report

Dimitris Rigopoulos

Nathaniel Jellinek



Keynote Lecture


1:30 PM

My journey in nail disease

Richard Scher


Highlights from the past year that will change your practice

2:00 PM


Aditya Gupta

2:15 PM

Inflammatory nail disease

Antonella Tosti

2:30 PM

Nail Surgery

Molly Hinshaw

2:45 PM

Nail Tumors

Shari Lipner

3:00 PM

Podiatric Nail Disease

Bryan Markinson

3:15 PM

Pediatric Nail Disease

Bianca Piraccini

3:30 PM

Break & Exhibits



Afternoon at the movies


4:00 PM

Biopsy of longitudinal melanychia - Punch

Dana Stern

4:10 PM

Biopsy of longitudinal melanonychia - Shave

Nilton DiChiachio

4:20 PM

Biopsy of longitudinal erythronychia - Full thickness

Bertrand Richert

4:30 PM

Biopsy of longitudinal erythronychia - Shave Thomas Knackstedt


How would you do it?


4:40 PM

Diagnose nail melanoma histopathogically

Adam Rubin

4:50 PM

Treat digital myxoid cyst

Chris Adigun

5:00 PM

Treat nail psoriasis

Phoebe Rich


Basic Science


5:15 PM

The concept of onychodermis

Dong-Youn Lee

5:30 PM

Closing Remarks and Final Q&A




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