19th Annual Meeting of the Council for Nail Disorders

 Date:     March 19, 2015
Place:    Westin San Francisco Market Street
             San Francisco, CA

Registration Open 

Nail Basics Session

Co-Chairs     Antonella Tosti, MD (US)
                  Martin Zaiac, MD (US)

Annual Scientific Session

Co-Chairs     Phoebe Rich, MD (US)
                  Richard Scher, MD (US)

Schedule of Events

Date:     March 19. 2015

Venue:  Westin San Francisco Market Street

Nail Basics Session: What's New on ...
(Pre-meeting session - additional registration fee)

Time             Title                                                                                             

8:30          Introduction / Antonella Tosti and Martin Zaiac

8:40          Distal subungual onychomycosis / Bianca Maria Piraccini

8:50          Onychomycosis in Newborns / Robert Baran

9:00          Mold Onychomychosis / Antonella Tosti

9:10          How to take a correct sample for diagnosis / Regina Schechtman        

9:20          Direct microscopy and Culture: What you need to know / Mahmoud Ghannoum

9:30          PCR / Aditya Gupta

9:40          Questions and answers                      

9:45          Break

10:10        Predisposing factors / Ralph Daniel

10:20        AGNUS / Nardo Zaias

10:30        How to assess severity / Phoebe Rich  

10:40        Prognostic factors / Richard Scher

10:50       Mimickers / Martin Zaiac

11:00       The podiatric approach / Bryan Markinson      

11:10       The podiatric approach / Tracey Vlahovic

11:20       New topical antifungals / Boni Elewski    

11:30       An open, single-center pilot study of efficacy and safety of topical 

                MOBO15B in the treatment of distal subungual onychomycosis (DSO) / Jan Faergemann       

11:40       What’s the future, closing remarks / Antonella Tosti & Martin Zaiac 

12:00 Noon    Lunch Break and Exhibits
Council for Nail Disorders 19th Annual Scientific Meeting

General Session

1:00 PM          Welcome / Phoebe Rich & Richard Scher

1:05 PM          CND Business Meeting / Bertrand Richert

1:15 PM          Scher/Baran Resident Presentations / Phil Fleckman

1:25 PM          Keynote Presentation.

                       Nail Cosmetics in Diverse Populations / Zoe Draelos

1:55 PM         Nail Melanoma Update

                       Pediatric Nail Melanoma / Bianca Maria Piraccini

                       Nail Melanoma. Pathology Assessment/ Beth Ruben

2:29 PM          Nail Psoriasis & Psoriatic Arthritis: Cases / Dimitris Rigopoulos

2:41 PM          Brittle Nail Syndrome / Shari Lipner

2:51 PM          Gel and Sculptured Nails / Chris Adigun

3:01 PM          Break/Exhibits

3:30 PM          Nail Complications of Chemotherapeutic Agents / Beth McLellan

3:42 PM          Bacterial Nail Infections of the Feet / Tracey Vlahovic

3:52 PM          Nail Tumors, Non-melanocytic / Nathaniel J Jellinek

4:04 PM          The Disappearing Nail Bed / C. Ralph Daniel

4:14 PM          Case Studies

                      Panel: Antonella Tosti, Bertrand Richert, Avner Shemer,

                      Robert Baran, Aditya K. Gupta, Molly Hinshaw, Janet Bellet

4:45 PM         Q & A, Conclusion & Final Remarks                               


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