The mission of the Council for Nail Disorders is to acquire and disseminate knowledge about normal and pathologic nails. This includes support and facilitation of research and education on the basic science, clinical, and pathologic aspects of the nail.

  • Increase overall awareness regarding nail diseases.
  • Promote and enhance education regarding nail disorders and nail care.
  • Provide educational programs and materials regarding nail disorders for physicians and other health care professionals.
  • Assist health care professionals in the diagnosis and management of difficult nail disorders.
  • Provide educational materials and programs regarding prevention and recognition of nail disorders to nail cosmetologists and the lay public.
  • Increase the quantity and distribution of both scientific and general publications related to nails.
  • Promote research related to nail diseases



2323 North State Street, Unit 30 / Bunnell FL 32110 /  USA
Tel. (386) 206-8229 / (386) 437-4405  Fax (386) 437-4427


21st Anniversary Meeting
of the CND and the
Nail Basics Course

March 2, 2017
Orlando, Florida

CND Awards



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